Umler Changes are outlined in the review modules below:


Blue Card and Mating Fields

Weights and Mating Fields

Brake Changes

Build Date

Plate Code

General Single item notes:

1. As of Nov 28, 2015 all equipment (passenger exempt) must have retro-reflectorization (or as some call it Stripey Stuff) on them per the description in the Field Manual. Otherwise the equipment will have a transportation code on it that will prevent it from being accepted by a Railroad or they will accept it and do the reflectorization and send you a CRB (Car Repair Billing)

Umler will no longer accept just checking a box that a non-passenger car is waived. The input must be in the form of an "inspection" with who reports, who did, date (full month/day/ year), location including city and state.

2. Amtrak's internal system and Umler must match or you will not move on Amtrak, per the previous decision of the Amtrak Private Car Manager.