SOP or Standard Operating Procedures

Other SOPs may be added from time to time as needed and this list may not encompass all the SOPs.
  1. Sign the agreement.
  2. Keep us up to date on your contact information.
  3. Failure to keep your contact information current can result in your equipment being deleted.
  4. Keep your RPCA membership up to date. Your membership will be verified.
  5. We will use electronic means of communication whenever possible. i.e. email.
  6. Pay your upload and renewal fees in the prescribed time. Such delinquencies may result in equipment removal from Umler.
  7. Pay any CRB (Car Repair Billing - When the Railroad repairs your car) upon receipt. If they are a wrong repair, notify RPCNB immediately! Otherwise we cannot take exception to the CRB!
  8. If you change hardware on your car, let us know. We may need to update your Umler listing.
  9. If we receive information that your car has a problem from a trustworthy individual/company (such as a qualified inspector or Railroad) we will take action to protect the RPCNB reporting mark. That may include pulling the car from Umler until the problem is solved to our satisfaction.
  10. Inform RPCNB when your car is sold or disposed of for other reasons. Failure to do so will result in a $500 charge. A second offense will result in a permanent ban from using the RPCX reporting mark.
  11. Send RPCNB a copy of your insurance certificate listing RPCNB as Additional Insured.
  12. All names, individual or company, must match on your RPCA membership, RPCNB contract, and your insurance certificate and must be the actual owner of the rolling stock! Failure will result in the equipment being removed from Umler as we cannot verify the owner.
  13. Use of the RPCNB reporting mark is limited to "excursion" passenger service. If you are running revenue freight service or "commercial" commuter/transit services you are not eligible for RPCNB services. What is the difference? Excursion service, even when regularly scheduled, is to enjoy the train ride. Freight cars in support of such service, i.e. hopper cars to bring coal in for steam locomotives, may also be registered under the RPCNB reporting mark. Several museum groups and short line railroads offer such. "Commercial" commuter/transit service is to get from one point to another without regard to the train. Examples are Amtrak, MARC train service, Music City Star commuter service, Metra, etc. Commercial services may be provided by other companies including Great Lakes Railcar who provides volunteer services to RPCNB.
  14. RPCNB services are available for owner members with own reporting mark. Under the same rules outlined in Number 13 above.
  15. if you have a car stenciled with "RPCX" reporting marks and you are going to move the car, the RPCNB , as the entity responsible for the reporting mark, must have a copy of your insurance certificate with RPCNB as an “additional insured" on file before the movement has begun.

This is because of the potential liability generated by the actual movement of the car. As the assignee of the RPCX mark, the RPCNB is the initial point of contact for all matters involving any car bearing that reporting mark. As of January 1, 2011 RPCNB will need to be named as Additional Insured for liability on your policy.

When you inform us that you have sold or otherwise disposed of your car (as is required by our contract), we will remove your insurance certificate from our files. Should you fail to report that the car was sold and to whom the car was sold, it will be deleted from Umler immediately upon these facts coming to light. If the car is found to be moving under the RPCX mark while owned by a non-subscriber, you, as the owner of record, will be assessed a fine of $500. A second offense will result in a permanent ban from using the RPCX reporting mark.

Also note that all repair bills, which may or may not result in an insurance claim, are sent via a CRB (car repair billing) directly to the owner of the mark within 9 months. RPCNB receives all CRB and invoices the car owner.

RPCNB had been working on an inspection form. However, AAR Standard 4045 was implemented by the Rail Industry after approval by the FRA for excursion type passenger cars in 2013. Therefore S-4045 is the standard to which RPCNB cars must comply that are not Amtrak Certified PV’s The Amtrak Certified PV’s must comply with all Amtrak requirements.