Umler History for RPCA and RPCNB

UMLER was an acronym for Universal Machine Language Equipment Register. This started as a punch card input computer system to track freight cars.

With the re-write of the system into a more modern, more efficient data base, which went live in August of 2009, the acronym was retired, but the system is still known as Umler.

Cars and locos are registered in the system to facilitate car movement and billing by the Railroads.

Reporting Marks denote ownership per AAR Field Manual Rule B Paragraph 12. Railroads no longer have enough people to track the car by hand, so they are using technology to assist them. The AAR Field Manual, Rule 90 Section A Paragraph 2 clearly prohibits cars in interchange "that are not properly registered in the Umler file, as required by the AAR Specification Manual".

Proper data on your forms and in Umler will enable your equipment to move more easily and with less hassle for you and the Railroads. Improper data in the file can result in delays in movement, higher costs, or the Railroad refusing to move it. Accurate data is more important than ever because more data fields are coming into the system each and every year, especially since PTC, Positive Train Control, is being implemented!

RPCA made the decision to assist their members by having a reporting mark and shop code assigned by Railinc. To do this a separate company was established, the Railroad Passenger Car Numbering Bureau. This way our members can have their equipment uploaded to the Umler system by office staff thereby facilitating equipment movement. RPCNB member shops have a method to upload the inspection performed by member CAT's (Certified Air Technicians) via the RPCNB assigned shop code.

Visit the Forms page for our RPCNB agreement for Certified Air Technicians and RPCNB Contract for members to request use of the reporting mark and the equipment data sheet and instructions on what is necessary to upload your equipment!

Remember, as this is a member service for RPCA members,
your membership will need to be verified.