Forms and References

The forms below are used with GLR permission, the forms’ creator!

This group of documents is for Umler data upload:

Equipment Forms

Car Measuring Diagram

OT-57 form - Announced Dec 5th of 2019 and took effect the next February 1st. Includes MOW equipment, we took exception as the circular does not include it, but lost the battle. Also if you have OT-57 equipment, it must be confirmed each year.


Contract to request use of RPCNB reporting Mark

RPCNB Contract for Member

Reporting Mark Use SOP's

For Certified Air Technicians

CAT Air Date Upload Agreement


Standard Form for Upload

New Rules for passenger cars moving in freight train service.

AAR M-1006

AAR RP-2001

Highly recommended that the form in the link below taken from AAR M-1006 be used and affixed to both sides of passenger cars moving in freight train service.

Reference Material:

S-918 - Placement of AEI Tags


49CFR 215.301 Stencil

Weight Estimator:

This weight calculator uses base weights that agree with Amtrak’s base weights.

When you fill it in, save it and attach it to an email and send it to your Umler provider, they will be able to update your record so your Umler and Amtrak will match. This be mandatory when Umler adds the Gross Rail Load and Load Limit fields. These two fields have been approved and we are waiting for implementation date.

Weight Calculator V5